Ishida IX Series is a system for detecting foreign objects intermixed in food and other products by X-raying the products as they move along a conveyor.

Metallic objects and bone, shell, gravel, glass, resin, rubber and other foreign objects can be detected. Moreover, foreign objects inside aluminum packaging and metal cans can be detected.

Now, let me show you the principles of X-ray generation.

X-rays are produced by anode targets with thermo electrons from cathode filaments inside an X-ray tube.

The radiated X-rays pass through the food product to be inspected and a line sensor is subjected to the transmitted X-rays.

The X-ray transmission received by the line sensor is converted to electric signals.

An image processing system converts the signals to x-ray transparent images and processes that image with Ishida's original 5-level processing technology to detect contamination and defection of product.