Checkweigher dynamically checks the weight of product on conveyor in order to detect improper weight product and reject.

The checkweigher weighs the product during the product passing on weigh conveyor.

In case the weight result is under/ over the set tolerance, the product is automatically rejected from production line.

Variety rejection systems are available depend on product shape and weights.

  • Arm rejector
    Arm rejector is the most general-purpose rejector sorting products with an arm. It is appropriate for thick product.
  • Air jet rejector
    Air jet rejector blows improper products out of a conveyor with an air jet. It is suitable for separating lightweight products on a high-speed line.
  • Push plate rejector
    Push plate rejector sorts products carried on a conveyor by shoving out products with an air driven pusher. It is suitable for sorting heavyweight items such as cardboard and paper kraft products.
  • Drop flap rejector
    Drop flap rejector has a vertically movable flap that moves downward to sort products. It is appropriate for sorting light and non-sticky products.
  • Drop belt rejector
    Drop belt rejector sorts products with a vertically movable belt. It is suitable for rejecting thin products. Furthermore, it is ideal for lines which don't have any space on either side.
  • Drop up belt rejector
    Drop up belt rejector has a belt conveyor divided in 2 sections. One moves up and the other moves down. Products quickly pass through two conveyors for rejection. It is suitable for expelling thin packaged.