Low Profile Scales

The Ishida low profile platform scale provides you with the latest in weighing technology. The unique design of the platform gives you the following advantages:
Light in weight and conveniently lifted, moved, and re-installed as your production and traffic flow needs change.
Easy to clean.
Easy to remove ramps.
IP 67 SS loadcells.
Stainless steel/High grade plastic Indicator with green vaccum flourscent Display.
The low profile platforms are available both in mild steel and stainless steel versions. The minimum height of the standard platform is 45mm. The low profile scales is suited for all types of manufacturing including Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Logistics.
Choice of Indicators
IGB Indicator
IGX Indicator
IGX Stainless Steel
Model Specifications
Capacity [kg] Platform Size [mm] Accuracy/ Interval Frame Material Pan/ Load Plate Material Number of cells
IGX 300 LP 300 1000 x 800 50g ss ss 4
IGX 600 LP 600 1000 x 800 100g ss ss 4
IGX 1000 LP 1000 1000 x 1000 200g ss ss 4
IGX 1500 LP 1500 1200 x 1200 200g ss ss 4
IGX 3000 LP 3000 1200 x 1200 500g ss ss 4