150 Kg to 300 Kg are available and IGB has LCD display with(2) D size battery
Simple to Use Tare Function
Place a container on the platform and press the Tare key. The tare is automatically stored in memory and the net weight is displayed during each subsequent weighing.
Easy-to-Read, Vertically adjustable Display
Chose a vivid LCD display to meet your application needs and ease operator reliability. For optimum viewing, and to help eliminate errors, the indicator head can be vertically adjusted with the turn knobs.
Check Weighing Function Simplifies Control
When the user defined upper limit is exceeded, the letter "H" is displayed. When the value is under the lower limit, "L" is displayed. An audible beep warns the operator that the item is out of tolerance.
Auto Power Off Function
The IGB model features battery operation with a selectable automatic power-off function (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes or off) to extend battery life. For those applications where AC power is available select either the IGB with optional AC adaptor or IGX.
Model Capacity [kg] Platform Size [mm] Accuracy/ Interval Frame Material Pan/ Load Plate Material Number of cells
IGB 150 550 x 400 10g ms ss 1
IGB 150 600 x 600 10g ms ss 1
IGB 300 600 x 600 20g ms ss 1