Since our establishment in 1893, as the first privately held domestic manufacturer of weighing equipment, Ishida has contributed to society through advanced weighing technology along with the development of the Japanese economy and industrial technology. In recent years, we have extended the scope of our business to include the fields of packaging, inspection, and display technology in addition to our traditional forte of weighing equipment, and currently offer products that provide reliability and satisfaction to customers in over eighty countries worldwide.

In 2010, Ishida established — Ishida Mind — a new management philosophy aimed at ensuring our continued existence and future growth. The central pillar of this new philosophy — the Three Way Harmony — is a management concept that has been passed down continuously throughout the 117-year history of our company and will continue to be passed on to future generations. As a company that is perfectly adapted to the times, is admired by others, and acts as a useful presence for society, Ishida consistently puts the customer first and, maintaining an open and fair outlook, endeavors to be a company that is trusted by all and contributes to the creation of a prosperous society.

Ishida aims to develop world-class employees and world-leading technology and will continue to strive unceasingly for excellence. I extend my sincere thanks to all our stakeholders for their continued support. At Ishida, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer better products and services every day. Ishida will continue to grow on a daily basis. Expect great things from us in the future.