This X-ray inspection model ensures excellent hygiene with an IP69K-rated protective structure, for production sites involving high-temperature, high-pressure washing processes.

With the IX-GA series, you get:

  • Superb waterproofing, with IP69K complicance, for withstanding the most intense cleaning processes, required by an increasing amount of food retailers
  • A hygienic system that is ideal for inspecting raw food products, such as chicken, salad or cheese, that can be completely and thoroughly disinfected and sterilized
  • An airtight structure that shuts out all possible infiltrates, with a water cooler installled to help dissipate heat
  • The same detection sensitivty as our flagship systems, capable of identifying foreign bodies, fractures, deformations or voids in the product with superior image processing technology

To find out more about our IX-GA series, please contact your local Ishida office.

Alternatively, you can consult our brochure, available under the Downloadable Content tab.

IX-GA Series
Brochure for IX-GA Series