Our specialist model offers the highest X-ray inspection sensitivity for the lowest density foreign matter.

The IX-G2 guarantees:

  • Pinpoint detection of foreign bodies under 0.6mm thanks to enhanced GA technology - from shell and stone, to metal and bone.
  • Accurate X-ray inspection capable of handling packaged products with uneven surfaces, granular products and overlaps.
  • Dramatically reduced detection errors in your production line, enabled by a dual energy sensor.
  • Automated operation settings for unbeatable user-friendliness.

For more information on how the IX-G2 can revolutionise your production line, contact your local Ishida office.

Alternatively, you can discover more about our range, including Ishida-patented GA technology, in our brochure under the Downloadable Content tab.

IX-G2 Series
Brochure for IX-G2 Series