The world's first Ultrasonic bagmaker, taking sealing to another level due to innovative heat-sealing technology, and guaranteeing that pack integrity and product quality is maintained.

With our Ultrasonic bagmakers, you get:

  • High operating speeds of up to 140 bags per minute, when combined with our multihead weighers
  • Specially designed generators that increase the strength and integrity of the seal, by combining targeted heat with rotary jaw motion for an even, secure weld that eliminates the risk of foreign bodies infiltrating the pack
  • A narrower sealing zone that allows for use of thinner film , enabling optimal sealing that reduces waste and saves energy

To find out more about our Ultrasonic bag makers, please contact your local Ishida office.

Alternatively, you can view our brochures and data sheet available under the Downloadable Content tab.

Ultrasonic Bagmakers Snacks Solutions
Brochure for Ultrasonic Bagmakers Brochure for First Range and iTPS