The fastest, toughest and smartest model of our multihead weighers, offering superior weighing sensitivity for dry, fresh and frozen products.

The RV Series delivers:

  • Highly accurate combination weighing, achieving up to 210 weighments a minute.

  • Superior responsiveness to smaller target weights thanks to improved feeder technology, using pulse width modulation and an integrated AFD (Automatic Feeder Drive) system.

  • Versatilty for handling different product applications, customisable in structure and design for a wide number of sector solutions.

  • Ergonomic structure that boasts anti-floor vibration features to help improve the working environment.

To find out how the RV Series can transform your production line, contact your local Ishida office.

For more information on the many kinds of applications and solutions our RV Series can serve, you can consult our brochure in the Downloadable Content tab.

RV Series
Brochure for RV Series