The most affordable DACS-EL checkweigher to improve the quality assurance.
The easy elegance and simple sophistication of world-class technology provide the perfect enhancement to the quality control.


Refine SimplicityThe cantilever uni-frame conveyor construction with built-in rejector brings the easy-maintenance construction to organize the production line neat and tidy. Flexible and simple product flow direction and conveyor belt height changes for the best match to the production line layout.

Built-in RejectorThe rejector is built-in to the DACS’s uni-frame conveyor system to minimize the intricate conveyor supports for open spacious undercarriage. Rejectors are available with Arm type, Air-jet type and Pusher system.

User-friendly Operation Interface TerminalAn easy-to-operate control terminal makes presetting extremely simple and data will clearly shown on the screen as graphs and histograms for easy understanding.

Monitoring and Data managing System
Ishida’s proprietary data collection and viewing system, collects weighing data on a computer and displays real-time production adjustment and line management, not only keeping you up-to-date with operation conditions from the office, but also allowing you to use weighing data for analyzing production status from a host

Model Arm Type Rejector Air-jet Type Rejector Pusher Type Rejector
DACS-EL-S012-23/PB-I-A* DACS-EL-S012-24/PB-I-A* DACS-EL-S012-23/PB-I-J* DACS-EL-S012-24/PB-I-J* DACS-EL-S012-23/PB-I-P2 DACS-EL-S012-24/PB-I-P2
Weighing Capacity 1200g
Weighing Range 10-1200g
Weighing Accuracy ± 0.2g
Weighing Speed Max. 120/WPM Max. 200/WPM Max. 120/WPM
Product Dimensions Length 60-300mm 60-300mm 60-300mm 60-300mm 60-300mm 60-300mm
Width 30-220mm 30-220mm 30-220mm 30-220mm 30-220mm 30-220mm
Height 10-130mm 10-130mm 10-130mm 10-130mm 10-130mm 10-130mm
Conveyor Size W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L450mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L450mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L450mm
W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L350mm W220mm x L350mm
Weigh Sensor Double-beam load cells
Minimum Graduation 0.1g
Belt Speed 15 - 95m /min
Belt Height 500~900 ± 50mm
Zero Adjustment Auto zero point correction
Operation Interface Terminal 7 inchs color LCD
Presets Max. 200 items
Construction IP30 (International)
Temperature 0 °C - 40°C
Relative Humidity 30% - 85%, No condensation
Power Supply Single phase AC 100V - 120V / Single phase AC200V - 240V
Main Body Weight 70kg 70kg 70kg

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